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                                  Short Term Rental Agreement


Rental Date: _____________________________________________

Property Address: 26 East 33rd Street, Brant Beach New Jersey 08008

Property Telephone #: 609-494-1544

Owners Name: Thomas J. Slater
Owners Address: 9 Reed Avenue  Westborough, MA  01581
Owners Telephone #: (C) 508-735-4562, (H) 508-616-0301

Tenant’s Name: ___________________________  

Tenant’s Address_____________________________
Tenant’s Telephone #: ________________________________
Total Rent: _________________  due immediately via Bank Check               

Security Deposit: $1,500  personal check acceptable

Payment: A Bank Check for __________ along with the security deposit should be Federal Expressed to the owner at the above address (mark the Federal Express package, no signature necessary). Payment in full must be received at the owners address by _____________________________ for this lease to be in effect.

Check in time is at 3:00 pm ___________________________. The property is not available for check in prior to 3:00 pm on the day of arrival. The cleaning service will be cleaning the house prior to check in and will not allow storage of any bags prior to the check in time.

Check out time is 3:00 pm on ___________________________________________.

The Tenant may have house guests during the term of the lease agreement. It is agreed and understood that the Tenant plans to occupy the house with _______________________________. House guests may stay over during the term of the lease but may not remain in the house for greater than 3 nights. No more that 12 people may sleep in the house on any night. 

At the expiration of the said term, the tenant will quit and surrender the premises in the same condition as received. It is further agreed, that the Tenant shall replace any of the owner’s personal property including furniture, cooking utensils, pots or appliance damaged by them or their guests. The Tenant shall supply all bed linens, towels and bathroom needs such as toilet paper and toiletries. The Tenant is expected to remove all food from the refrigerator, cabinets and trash from garbage cans in the house. The trash shall be put out to the curb in the appropriate marked garbage cans following the instructions in the garage. The house shall be left in an orderly and neat condition upon check out.

Absolutely NO PETS allowed on or in the premises.

Only local calls can be made from the house phone.

Reservations: this is a non-refundable lease agreement.

Please report any inoperable equipment or complaints to the Owner no later than 11:00 am the day following check in.

Tenant Name ______________________                                                          Tenant Signature ___________________________

Date ____________________

Owner Name _______________________                                                           Owner Signature ____________________________               

Call: Tom Slater @ 508-735-4562